Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) promises to bring new business opportunities – intelligent buildings; smart roads and transportation; connected factories - along with new challenges and risks.

IIoT combines the reach of the Internet with the ability to monitor remote sensors, agricultural equipment, and factory floor infrastructure.

As IIoT gains broader adoption, businesses will increasingly integrate devices and subscription services, where businesses compete on their ability to deliver measurable results ranging from from guaranteed machine uptimes on factory floors, to actual amounts of energy savings in commercial buildings, to more predictable crop yields.

Delivering IIoT Solutions

Developing affordable and scalable IIoT solutions requires expertise in multiple disciplines, including:

  • Remote Sensors and Devices
  • Wireless Communications
  • IoT Networking Protocols and Standards
  • Cloud-based IIoT Networks
  • Power Efficiency and Management
  • Systems Centric Approach to Deploying Scalable Distributed Applications and Networks

CoroWare Can Help

IIoT Graphic.png
  • Develop the business case for implementing IIoT, including a return on investment model
  • Determine the best IIoT architecture and technologies to accomplish your goals
  • Recommend hardware, wireless, software, and cloud solutions
  • Affordably develop an IIoT prototype solution
  • Affordably implement, deploy and support a scalable IIoT solution